About Seattle Medicare Plan Experts

While we focus on UNDERSTANDING and not just information, we differ from others who may also claim the same in some key ways:
• We are LICENSED: Unlike your friends, or even the State Health Insurance Benefits Advisors (SHIBA), only LICENSED agents can discuss PLAN DETAILS. As your Medicare “Buddy” we help you understand Medicare, but then because we are LICENSED we can detail a plan, enroll in a plan, or even assist in troubleshooting a plan for you year after year. We are more than just buddies; we truly have your back because are LICENSED by the State.
• We are BROKERS: This means we are not BIASED like a single company agent might be. We do not push just ONE COMPANY for any and all prospects but instead size up a situation and can then sort through MANY COMPANIES and plans to help find the BEST FIT.
In short, at SME we focus on YOU. We hope you become our Client.

About James Yragui


I bring skills in Health Coaching, Pharmacy, Teaching a Foreign Language, and Finance to my work with Clients. I graduated pharmacy and practiced for two years in Oregon before moving to Spain in 1980 (my heritage is Basque). After teaching English, I got my MBA four years later in Barcelona and returned to Seattle to raise a family. I coached and developed Medical Sales teams for 12 years with a division of Merck before launching a Financial Planning practice, but eventually realized HEALTH was a more important asset to manage than a 401K. in 2006 I began advising Medicare Clients with United and later Humana, and have been an Independent Broker since 2014.

About Ann Marie Murray


Having spent over 17 years in Healthcare Benefits Management, I use my expertise to provide guidance to "out of the know" individuals looking for help in understanding their benefit options. I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I wake up each day eager to hear people's stories while helping them navigate their path through the challenging Healthcare maze. I'm passionate about Healthcare and helping my clients discover the ins and outs of the complex Medicare landscape.